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About Kate

Her Story

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My journey as a psychologist/life coach/ hypnotherapist/ NLP practitioner/speaker/trainer has been more than a decade now; but my passion and determination to persist on this journey has became stronger when I was able to heal myself from depression and auto-immune disorder. I have learned so much about the human body, mind and soul that it feels almost like my soul's mission to share this experience, knowledge and wisdom to everyone who wants to liberate themselves from psychological & physical struggles. 

I provide a comprehensive range of therapeutic services with personal approach such as interactive guided meditation, NLP, releasing of root cause, reprogramming of the subconscious mind, connection with the Self, lifestyle & natural diet solutions and more.


I run workshops & corporate trainings too; as it is my intention to empower individuals with the right mentality, knowledge and tools to help them embark on this life journey with courage and inner stillness.


There is no age limit of who can benefit from my sharing or therapy as I have been working with both children and adults of all ages.

Area Of Expertise

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