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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does seeing a therapist mean that I am crazy or have mental issue?

No. Everyone faces challenges in their walk of life, but not everyone knows how to cope with the negative emotional burden that comes with it; and that doesn't mean that they are crazy or have mental issues. It only means that they need guidance, they need NEW knowledge and wisdom to help them cope with the emotional stress and have better mental clarity.


Our negative emotional burdens stem from the fact that most parents and school do not prepare us for the emotional stress that we may receive in life; they only remind us to be successful. But success comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges, yet; we weren't told how to deal with it. Some may be resilient enough to have great coping mechanism, some may not. So seeing a therapist is like seeing a car mechanic to seek advice on your car issues because you do not have such knowledge; you needed some one in that field to assist you; same goes to seeing a therapist to receive assistant and guidance about life.  

2. How does it work?

The first meeting will be conversational as the therapist would gather basic information about you and your concerns. Throughout the therapeutic sessions, tools and technique such as guided meditation, NLP, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching etc. will be used to help you:


  • Explore and express your feelings 

  • Examine your beliefs and ways of thinking

  • Identify the root cause of the issue

  • Release past negative emotions and energy

  • Attain better self awareness and self understanding

The sessions will also provide opportunities for you to:

  • learn about how your body and mind work

  • acquire knowledge and skills to manage emotions and challenges

  • changing old unwanted patterns into new healthy ones

  • increase self esteem and confidence

  • improve relationships and communication skills

  • easily bring calmness and stillness to life

  • have mental clarity 

… and many other long-lasting skills and knowledge that would help you throughout your life journey. 

3. How many sessions do I need? And how long is one session?

Everyone is different so it depends.

One session takes about 90-120 minutes.

4. Do you see children?​ 

Yes I do. 7 years old and above.

(If you have concerns about children below the age of 7, please contact me for further discussion) 

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