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Shower with an ORANGE today!

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Feelin' sluggish after a long working day? There could be radiation on your skin ...

Did you know that high frequency, static and radiation in the air could block the pores on your skin and leave you feeling sluggish and irritable?

"Thanks to ORANGE, you can resolve this very easily."

All you need to do is to slice ONE (or two) orange(s) into wedges. Then, place the sliced oranges into a bowl, and bring it along with you when you shower.

AFTER you have cleaned your body (shampooed and rinsed off with water), you can start scrubbing your body (from head to toe) with the sliced oranges.

Once you are done scrubbing your whole entire body, you can rinse off with water.

(*NO NEED to shampoo again)

And be prepared for a refreshing and relaxing after effect!

Benefits of scrubbing your body with orange

Orange contains a type of alpha hydroxy acid that can neutralise free radicals on your skin. In order to prevent ageing or unwanted skin problem from developing, it's always a good idea to keep your pore clean and unblocked. So the habit of scrubbing your body with orange every now and then is indeed beneficial because it helps the skin to detox and enable better cell rejuvenation too!

So why not try showering with an ORANGE today!

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