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I Can SEE Your Future ....

Over the weekend, I was at a retail store trying to pick a birthday gift for a friend. As I was flipping through the clothes, I sense that there was someone staring at my from far. As i looked up, I saw this gentleman slowly walking towards me and he was pointing at his own face when he caught me looking back at him.

As he approach me, I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying, as he was keeping his distance when he said something to me. I thought I heard him saying: "You have 3 gurus". I replied:" What? 3 gurus?" And he said, "No, you will have 3 good news and this good news will come later". I smiled and replied: " Oh thanks!" and continued flipping the clothes that I was looking at.

Then he continued to tell me that he could do face reading. I was trying to ignore him by politely giving him a smile but he continued with his fortune telling. He said that I have a happy face, but my heart is sad; he even said that at times I am uncertain of my life. I also have some people issue because they are jealous of me....

And the rest? I couldn't really hear them properly as he didn't speak in a very confident manner. His tone was soft as if he was doubting his own saying. When he was done telling me my 'fortune', he then took out a small notebook and said:" Lets discuss if what I just said was accurate". I looked at him, puzzled for a moment and said: "Thank you, but I am fine with my life". So he walked away...

His words got me thinking: "I am not happy in my heart? Am I?" "People are jealous of me, really?" "Uncertainties"?

I had so much questions in my mind even though I tried not to pay full attention to what he was saying. Yet, his word got into me and this is not a good sign because it just mean that I have given power to this stranger and I identify myself to what he has just said. Yet, I only met him for a few minutes, no longer than 10.

After a long battle in my mind, I start to realize that I was affected by this man; when I didn't need to. If I am sure that I am content with my life, why do I need to even think about what he just said? If I know and understand that, as long as there are people, there will be envy and jealousy, why do I need to ponder upon this? Do I feel uncertain in life sometimes? Yes of course I do! Everyone has this uncertainty every now and then because we need to figure life out through falling, making the wrong decision and then learn from it and improves ourselves; so uncertainty is pretty normal.

If we do not know ourselves, we tend to fall in to the trap of believing in what a fortune teller says; because we trust that they "know" things. Yet, this is our life, our journey, why do we need to give power to people when we are able to determine what's our next venture by choosing our thoughts, feeling and action? Every thought that you think affect how you feel and in turn affect your decision making. So when you see a fortune teller, telling you that this is your LUCKY MONTH, you are more likely to take the chance to try something new or take the risk, because you believe that it is your lucky month. And if the decision you have made is in fact wrong, you would feel fine about it because you believe that it's still your lucky month; that one wrong mistake wouldn't affect you. So it's just a state of the mind that affect how we feel about an outcome and how we take action.

If you truly know yourself, there is no need to turn to a fortune teller. People usually seek for fortune teller because they don't know themselves, they don't realize their capabilities, they only know how to doubt themselves. And when one doubts himself, he lose confidence and the wisdom within him. He need to seek various fortune teller in order borrow his (the fortune teller) fortune telling to boost confidence and 'feel' as if he has control over his future.

Yet, the future isn't fixed; there is infinite possibilities of how your future would be if you know quantum physics. But the moment you listen to a fortune teller, your infinite possibilities shrink to only one or two possibilities; how silly? In truth, your future is slowly being shaped base on what you are thinking, feeling, saying and doing now. So focus to now and do what you can. Every day, choose to feel good, choose to be flexible and you will flow with the nature of life; then things will automatically be balanced. When things are balanced, there will not be too much of the bad or good; just balanced and that is enough. You wouldn't like extreme cold weather, or extreme hot weather, just a bit of hot, a bit of coolness is just nice; same goes with life.

All the answer that you are seeking is within you. You have all the wisdom that you need. Your body, mind and soul has been with you for many many years, learn to trust him/ her. Don't give your power to a fortune teller whom you only meet for a few minutes or few hours a day. You should know yourself better than the fortune teller as you own this body mind and soul; you live with it 24/7. Go within, and you will discover your true capabilities and the wisdom that is already in you. Do not underestimate yourself, you are part of this vast Universe; whatever the fortune teller can tell you, you can tell yourself too!

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1 Comment

Shen Ho
Shen Ho
May 15, 2019

Kate, I can see your future too... For the coming 3 seconds... You are still looking at here and reading my comments...

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