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Updated: Jan 29, 2018

I have always wanted to start a blog but it didn't happen, until now... Let me share with you why.

I have always been encouraged by my family and friends to start a blog because they find the knowledge and experience that I shared useful and life changing. But my answer to them is always "I don't know how to write".

The moment I replied "I don't know how to write", I am indeed causing my brain to function in a way that prevents me from having access to my creative and imaginative brain. So I am in fact creating my own blockage of NOT being able to write. Why?

You see, our brain is divided into 3 parts:

(1) The Neocortex (HigherThinking Brain)

(2) The Limbic Brain (Emotional Brain)

(3) The Reptilian Brain (Survival Brain)

When I repetitively respond with the same answer "I don't know how to write"; I am in fact feeling nervous about writing; I am also doubting my own capability that I could write. So when I feel nervous and I doubt myself, I begin to trigger the activity of my emotional (limbic brain) and survival brain (reptilian), because nervousness and doubt is a form of stress. When I am experiencing stress, it is only normal for my brain to reinforce the fact that "I will NOT know how to write" because my higher thinking brain (neocortex) is not being activated to help me come up with ideas on how to write.

“Our brain is listening to every single words that we think, speak and hear; and it changes constantly base on what we think, speak and hear."

So learn from my mistake, NEVER say to yourself that you CAN'T or you DON"T KNOW. When you do so, you are only preventing yourself from experiencing new things because your body and mind is contracted, they are not opened. Most importantly, when you say you CAN'T, you are activating the WRONG part of your brain that could prevent you from reaching your utmost potential.

We need our Neocortex, the higher thinking brain to help us come up with brilliant ideas, to help us improvise, to help us persist in what we want to achieve; but if we tend to say to ourselves that "we can't", or "it's difficult", we are only activating the Limbic Brain and the Reptilian brain, which is the emotional and survival brain. When your body and mind is in survival mode, do you think it could bring you creative ideas? Do you think it want you look for opportunities? NO! It only wants you to survive by looking out for danger; thus the ruminative worrying thoughts.

So what can you do?

If you want to create change in life, it's simple; all you need to do is to use the right part of your brain; that is, use more of your neocortex because this is the brain that gives your idea, brings you creativity, help you make decision, allow you to have determination and all other goodness ...

And how do you make use of your neocortex (higher thinking brain)? Simple! All you need to do is to:

1. Only put in encouraging/ uplifting thoughts into your mind

You wouldn't put poisonous food or expired food into your mouth because you know it can be harmful to the body. So do not put unhealthy and damaging thoughts into your mind. If you want to have a break through in life, or attract better opportunites, never think or say "I can't", "it's difficult", "I will never make it", "I am unlucky" etc. When you think or say so, you are only shutting down your neocortex and activate the limbic and reptilian brain that DO NOT help you scan for possibilities and bring you growth and success; limbic & reptilian brain only look out for threat.

So be mindful, always think or say to yourself, "I can". Even if there are things that you are unsure of yet, you can think or say "Let's try and see what happens"; when you say so, you allow your brain to be opened and allow the neocortex to do what it needs to do to help you achieve what you have set in mind.

2. Focus ONLY to what you want, NOT what you don't want

If you find that your mind wanders away to create worrying thoughts, or predicting the worse outcome, or again thinking that you "cant"; you know that the emotional brain and the survival brain is being activated again. Your thought process is focusing on what you do not want. So all you need to do is to KEEP REMINDING yourself of what you want. How?

If you want to be able to do public speaking for example, keep affirming in your mind "I can do this"; "it's going to be easy". If the mind wanders off to create worrying thoughts such as "what if I cant speak"; "I am not sure", then become aware of it and bring it back to focusing on the outcome that you want.

"You have to make the conscious decision to intentionally bring your worrying thoughts back to focusing on what you want"

Because you should be the owner of your mind, your mind should not be able to control you. YOU should be able to CONTROL YOUR MIND. Choose consciously what thoughts you want to think as the thoughts you choose are going to either bring you up in life or bring you down.

“So be mindful. You TRULY are what you think. Start creating a NEW reality today! ”

To sum up, the only way to change your reality or luck is to make use of the RIGHT part of your brain. To use the right part of your brain you have to put the right thoughts to it. So from now on, be mindful! Only put in thoughts that uplift you and gives you courage. Stop letting worrying thoughts hinder your true potential!

Learn from my mistake, do not create blockage to your own life. Choose your thoughts wisely if you want to have a break through!

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