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Your Mind Is Everything

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Everything starts from your mind. The choice that you make depends on your mind, the solution to your problem depends on your mind, the food choice that you make depends on your mind; so if you do not have the right mind, what would happen?

Your mind is everything, use it wisely

The mind according to Joe Dispenza, is the brain in action. The brain itself has it own default system, even if you do not think, by default it knows what to do. The brain knows how to keep you alive by making your heart pump; it knows how to signal you when you are hungry, it knows how to regulate your breathing, hormones, blood sugar etc. But when the mind comes into action, the brain is more than just a default system; it can do more than that! It can bring you creativity, it allows your to bond and feel connected to people, it helps you in your decision making, resolve your problems and it even allows you to have compassion, to love, to feel, to enjoy and so many more.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have had their mind polluted; polluted by what other people may be thinking about them, polluted by how their parents criticise them, polluted by what the media is broadcasting, polluted by their own fears etc. Most people's mind are no longer under their own control, they let external factors influence it's functioning; and they are left with confusion and sorrows.

I have seen too many people coming in to see me with a confused state of mind. Seeing them walk in to my office, I usually see a tired face; there is no longer any glow radiating from the face and their magnetic field has become so weak. No, they are not entirely depressed, they are merely caught up by their own mind; and they have lost a sense of self and a sense of control.

Sometimes people can come to me with just one problem, some a few, some more than a person can comprehend. But I learned that, once they are able to get their mind still; in other words, when not so much activities are going on ALL at the same time in the brain; any problem that they came in with, no matter how severe, can be resolved. They seem to have gained back the strength and confident to overcome it. The problem no longer consume their mind, the inner stillness has taken over to allow them to have a sense of control; and they seems to have faith that things shall be okay. It seems almost like the stillness of their mind is giving them the assurance from within that "Hey, don't worry! We shall be able to take care of it".

And they usually leave my office feeling bright, hopeful and uplifted. No, the problem is not gone as they walk out of my office, it still exists and they still need to resolve it. But they walk away feeling empowered, confident and self assured. What did I do? I didn't. The therapy was merely allowing them to go inwards, regain stillness in the mind, and the mind will do it's job.

I have learned that our mind is built to help us, support us and take care of us. Otherwise, why would we have it to begin with? The body too, is in favour of us. It will always heal when we cut ourselves, won't it? Often, it is our distorted perception, rigid belief, negative emotions that pollute our mind, hindering and suppressing its true potential. But when we are able to release and improve the distorted perceptions, negative emotions; the mind shall be in the right condition to do what it knows best - that is, to bring all the good things to us, allowing us to enjoy this life time to its fullest! Yes, it can do that if you know how to make good use of it.

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